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KESHANDE Technology
KESHANDE Technology
We are your total solutions provider for:

Managed Web Hosting / Dedicated Servers
Custom Web Application Development
Website Content Maintenance
Website Design and Layout
Webcasting and Streaming
Social Media Page Design
Social Media Marketing
Web Markting / SEO
Video Production

KESHANDE Technology brings a background of web application development, website design, collateral design, video production, webcasting/streaming, and innovative media delivery to the table. By combining all available resources through our strategic alliances and partner divisions, we impressively bring additional visual elements to fruition through photography, videography, creative web presence design, graphics and print.

What can you expect when getting your web application developed by KESHANDE Technology?

Strong colors and graphics.
We believe in designing Websites with strong, vibrant colors to create an impact that will brand your company to your visitors and cause them to remember your Website. Our choice of color is not necessarily the final answer. We want to work within your color scheme and find ways to add new colors or arrange your colors in a combination that will create maximum impact.

User friendly sites.
Ease of use is a feature that enhances the user experience when browsing your site. We know it is important to your visitors to have an enjoyable experience when browsing through your Website. Our focus is to create a Website for your company that is simple, clean and to the point. Sales conversion ratios are higher for visitors who browse your site and find that it is easy to read, understand and navigate.

KESHANDE Technology accredits to its history over 15 years exposure and experience in business services, application development, web design, video production, webcasting/streaming, graphic design, collateral production, world-wide web and audio/visual communications. This indeed establishes a solid foundation upon which KESHANDE Technology was created, and now, the strength of this entity is passed on to your company.

Completion date.
Of course at the inception of your project, you would like to know that it will be completed before your next life… In all honesty, many firms can say that they will complete your project in a very short period of time. However, this would not be accurate if they were truly planning to give your project the time and attention it deserves. Knowing that your company’s image over the web is on display, we focus on the details of your project to make sure that the end result is not a rushed and poorly produced project.

Fair development price.
When planning your web development project, you want to know that you will not end up with an expense that requires you to have a budget equivalent to the cost of a space mission. Well yes, this seems a little extreme, but without a proper cost analysis based on an accurate needs assessment, the price you pay for a Website project can seem like paying for a small space mission.

Here at KESHANDE Technology, we believe attractive, effective and interactive media does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. We will just take a leg and provide you with the steps to guide you in the right direction. We provide high quality work that is not rushed, but carefully planned and conceptualized to create maximum effect with minimal investment.
We do not create cheap Websites (cheap Websites normally mean cheap work). We create cost effective professional web presences with a commitment to quality. In other words… We are NOT in the business of being the cheapest… We ARE in the business of being THE BEST solution.
…And, Serious people still pay for the best!

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